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4 Great Sex Resolutions to Make Now

on with August McLaughlin

I was interviewed by Girl Boner creator and host, August McLaughlin for this article on ways to improve sexual health and sexual stamina.  We discuss lubrication, self-care, and yoga/acroyoga as a way to increase your satisfaction with your sex life.

11 Steps on How to Get Through through the Break-Up of a Good Relationship


Going through a break-up is hard, there’s no doubt about it.  But when it comes to the break-up of a good relationship, there is a bit of a difference in trying to heal.  I should know – ironically, two weeks before I was asked to write this article, my boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me from what seemed like out of nowhere.  What made this break-up so hard was that we still loved each other and still wanted a good relationship, but the best option for our careers and lives seemed to be an end to the relationship.  That being said, the challenge of this break-up was that the typical “break-up advice” fell short, since he and I were still heavily attached, both missing each other terribly, and both feeling awful pain from the end of it.
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50 Tips to prevent infidelity

A collection of tips from relationship experts on how to avoid infidelity.

Mine is #19 – Intimate Reciprocity, give and take fairly.

Intimacy is one of the greatest benefits of a relationship.  It can range from holding a deep stare, to engaging in meaningful conversation, to sexual activity.  The type of intimate connections one enjoys varies from person to person.  So what one partner might think is a priority, the other might not.

This is why I like to remind couples to give and take fairly.  And communicate. Your partner is not a mind reader, so he/she won’t know what you want or what is important to you until you tell him/her.  When you two are able to talk about what each of you want it will be easier to enjoy your activities together, and you both will benefit from intimate reciprocity.

One way to get talking about this is to suggest a brainstorming session.  Nothing is off limits – this is just to get a pool of ideas that you two can draw from.  Who knows?  Maybe you two both enjoy something that you never thought of bringing up before.

Also remember not to judge your partner’s suggestions, this is about growing together and cultivating new ways to connect and love one another.  From this brainstorm, you can gather a list and prioritize your items while your partner does theirs.  And again, talk about it without judgement.  Then, incorporate some of these ideas into your daily routine.  Feel free to adjust your list as needed.  And most importantly, enjoy your partner!

Anatomy of a cheating brain

An article I wrote breaking down the hormones and chemicals tend to be at work in the brain when a partner cheats.

Infidelity creates a terrible pain, and is not a matter that should be taken lightly.  The point of this article is to provide understanding of what occurs at a chemical level as a result of how our brains interact with our ever-expanding world of technology and exposure to endless novel possibilities.

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