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Online Coaching and Educational Courses

deathtostock_meticulous-09Need information and coaching around getting “unstuck”? Having an expertise in psychological well-being, sexual health and relationships, I find that sometimes all people need to get back on track is to gain education and guidance from a professional in a safe and informative way.  If you are not local to Los Angeles, my online courses provide you with a opportunity to receive information and suggestions from an expert while on the road, on vacation, at home, or anywhere, really!

Online coaching and informative online classes are available for individual or couple’s needs around psychological well-being, sexual health, relationship, and sexual functioning topics.

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  • relaxation & stress reduction techniques
  • mindfulness
  • anatomy and sexual functioning
  • sex positive approach
  • LGBTQI+ concerns
  • Kink/BDSM questions
  • Ploy/non-monogamy lifestyles
  • difficulties with dating
  • erection difficulties
  • orgasm issues
  • arousal/desire challenges
  • painful intercourse
  • positive psychology
  • effective communication techniques
  • holistic wellness

Online classes are informational based and are not psychotherapy.

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