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Coping with Female Pelvic Pain and Difficulty Reaching Orgasm Webinar
hosted by Center for Healthy Sex


Emerging Female Sexual Issues in Therapy: Causes, Assessments and Treatment of Pelvic Pain and Anorgasmia
hosted by Center for Healthy Sex

Female Sexual Pain: Expanding Discourse and Treatment Modalities
at The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Annual Conference in San Diego, CA

November 14, 2013

Using a multidisciplinary approach through the collaboration of medical doctors, physical therapists, and psychotherapists women get effective treatment for pain and sexual issues.  This presentation addresses how therapists can work along side with gynecologists and pelvic floor (physical) therapists to create a supportive team of health care providers to help treat dyspareunia, vaginismus, vulvodynia, and other painful penetration issues women experience.

Female Sexual Pain: Creating Discourse
at Los Angeles Sexologist Association

February 6, 2013

Informative and discussion-based presentation among some of LA’s top Sexologists about the struggles of female sexual pain, as well as different ways to assess and provide treatment for this diagnosis. Creating discourse among health professionals in the Los Angeles area is key to providing the best support for our community.

Female Sexual Pain: Expanding Clinical Knowledge and Discourse
at Center for Health Sex, Los Angeles, CA

January 25, 2013
Co-Presented with Hernando Chaves, LMFT, DHS
Painful intercourse is somethingPresentation at CHSmany women struggle with, yet when dealing with it in our practices, clinicians find few resources about valid information, causes, and treatment for the different types of female sexual pain.  This presentation provided information on the many diagnoses of painful intercourse and how to use this knowledge clinically.  We addressed struggles in assessing and treating the multifaceted issue of female sexual pain, as well as provided suggested treatment modalities and resources.  Furthermore, it is essential to create discourse around the difficulties clients and clinicians face as a way to effectively use the limited resources.  A case study supplemented the presentation, to further expand on the information and clinical implications of female sexual pain.