Female Sexual & Pelvic Pain

For females experiencing sexual or pelvic pain

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  • Have you been diagnosed with vulvodynia, vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (VVS), dyspareunia, vaginismus, or vestibulodynia?
  • Do you have pain during intercourse, or other vaginal penetration?
  • Has your relationship been under strain as a result of your pain?
  • Do you worry that you might not be able to enjoy intercourse again, or ever?
  • Does your pain affect your self-esteem?
  • Have you heard that your vaginal pain is in your head?
  • Do you want to enjoy intercourse more fully?
  • Do you feel alone in your struggle?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might benefit from the
treatment with a knowledgable sex therapist.
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In sessions, you will learn…

  • More about your diagnosis
  • Pain management
  • To alter current thinking patterns that play an important role in your pain
  • Skills to communicate more effectively with your partner
  • To be comfortable with your body
  • How to enhance your sexuality, desire, and arousal
  • Relaxation exercises and mediation
  • To have fun with sexuality
  • That your partner(s) can be an active participant in your recovery
  • Coping skills
  • That you are not alone

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Kayna’s Personal Story on overcoming Vulvodynia and Vaginismus:

I was 19 years old when I had my first experience of pelvic pain and what was called a “sexual dysfunction”…

I was scared about what it meant.  Doctors did not know what was going on or how to help.  I felt frustrated and directionless in any hope of healing.  Not only was I experiencing physical pain when attempting penetrative intercourse, but it was also putting a strain on my relationship and my self esteem.  I labeled myself as a “terrible girlfriend” because I was turning down my boyfriend’s romantic and sexual advances again and again, which ultimately resulted in a “sexless relationship,” a loss of my own “sex drive,”  and a confusing identity crisis.  I felt shame around my big “secret” and so I pretended everything was ok when in reality I was suffering inside.  How was I supposed to talk about this thing no one seemed to understand or know about?  This was not how I expected sex to be. 

Six years later in 2011, after feeling incredibly hopeless, I had an appointment with a specialist at UCLA who finally knew what was going on and helped me start on my path to healing.  I was then connected with a pelvic floor physical therapist and began to understand the underlying components of pelvic pain disorders.  These medical treatments were wonderful, but they were just the start of a bigger journey of learning more about myself and creating healthier lifestyle changes.  I had to shift my relationship to stress, communication, sexuality, and many other components in my life.  I found significant benefit in acupuncture, exercise, physical therapy, hormone treatment, psychotherapy, trauma reprocessing, healthier eating, and most of all stress management.

Now, I’m happy to be pain-free after a team of specialized healthcare providers helped me learn that the pain was not only physical but psychological as well. They helped me realize I needed a lifestyle change that required tools to reduce stress, manage pain, communicate better with others, find and express my voice, exercise better, eat healthier, and love my body and myself more deeply.  

From these accomplishments, two significant aspects stand out to me: that I was not alone in my struggle and that not enough information was reaching others who were struggling with chronic pelvic pain.  So, with my Masters in Clinical Psychology, a Marriage and Family Therapy license, and a specialty in Sex Therapy, I became determined to be a health care provider for women and couples to help them understand and accumulate treatment resources available to them.  I also realized that because treatment is not one-size fits all, I was inspired to help clients learn what possible options were available and assist them in their journey of tailoring their treatment goals for healthier and more pleasurable intimate lives.

As a team, I help my clients create their own unique path toward healing.  The first client who came to me pain-free was a day I’ll never forget: she came in to one of our sessions beaming, and said “Kayna, I did it, I “out-sexed” my husband!” She was able to have sex enough times and for long enough that he was the one to say “I don’t think I can have any more sex this weekend!” She and I went into a fit of giggles and then the happiest of tears.

Women and couples have come to me after years of pain, heart-crushing avoidance of their partners and sex, an inability to express their needs fully, and the weight of guilt and shame.  I help them create a path forward filled with skills, insight, and knowledge that not only reduces their pain, but also enhances all areas of their lives and relationships. 

I know how hard it is and I know what it takes to overcome pain. And I’m ready to take you there. Are you ready to make some serious changes, invest in yourself, and learn how to manage or overcome your pain?  Book your FREE DISCOVERY CALL today!