Online Pelvic Pain Treatment

deathtostock_lonely_commute-08Do you struggle with pelvic pain and need support, information, or guidance but aren’t local to Los Angeles?

My online program is designed for women with pelvic pain disorders who need an informed expert in their corner on their path to healing. Oftentimes, the treatment requirements – the doctors’  appointments, medication regimens, physical therapy exercises, therapy appointments – all of it can be so overwhelming.  Having someone in your corner to help you manage the components of the scheduling, treatment expectations and stress involved, can be the key aspect in making this journey successful.

Additionally, I will provide information, skills and techniques that will continue to support your process:

  • relaxation techniques
  • information about anatomy and sexual functioning
  • relationship/communication skills
  • finding empowerment in the treatment process
  • breaking the “pain cycle”
  • information on your nervous system and how stress influences pain
  • identify roadblocks such as past traumas, underlying anxiety, depression or other mental health concerns

These classes are not therapy but they can help support the therapeutic work you might be conducting with your local therapist.