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girl-bonerListen in to Girl Boner Radio with August McLaughlin as I share my personal journey in healing from chronic pelvic pain disorders and how that inspired me to provide professional psychological treatment to other women struggling with similar issues.

Find it in the list here for release date 12/1/2016: Female Sexual Pain Podcast

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Female Sexual Pain Group Forming

An important part of my practice is to provide women a place in which they can find treatment and support for a condition that is rarely talked about yet can be immensely challenging to deal with. Female Sexual Pain (FSP) is becoming a lot more common than previously understood, and there are few resources for women to seek treatment or support for such a difficult issue. In order to provide the community for such a resource I am beginning a group that provides a supportive, educational, and therapeutic space for women to learn how to manage their pain and take back control over their sexuality. For more information about how to get involved check out the tab located above, click, or call 424-272-5521. I look forward to guiding you on a path to healing and empowerment!