Redefining Intimacy: Female Sexual Pain Support Group

The response to the most recent Female Sexual Pain (FSP) Treatment and Support group was overwhelmingly positive and inspiring!  I was amazingly impressed by the participants’ willingness to be vulnerable, have insight and support other group members.  They expressed that their experience was incredible, having gained knowledge, support, and a place to finally discuss issues that they did not feel comfortable anywhere else to talk about – not even with their medical professionals!

The relationships built and the experiences gained in the group fostered an idea to have a continuation group called “Redefining Intimacy.” This is a monthly group meeting of women who have “graduated” from the FSP group and are wanting continued support and treatment.  The format of this group will focus on a particular topic each month and we will process the topic and provide support for the issues that affect women struggling with female sexual pain.

Contact Kayna Cassard 424-272-5521 to learn more about this group.

Female Sexual Pain Group Forming

An important part of my practice is to provide women a place in which they can find treatment and support for a condition that is rarely talked about yet can be immensely challenging to deal with. Female Sexual Pain (FSP) is becoming a lot more common than previously understood, and there are few resources for women to seek treatment or support for such a difficult issue. In order to provide the community for such a resource I am beginning a group that provides a supportive, educational, and therapeutic space for women to learn how to manage their pain and take back control over their sexuality. For more information about how to get involved check out the tab located above, click, or call 424-272-5521. I look forward to guiding you on a path to healing and empowerment!