Liberate Sensuality. Deepen Connection. Ignite Passion.

hope-kayna-headshot-lt-teal-wall-nice-smileAre you ready to live the life you want?

Clients have found that my inclusive incorporation of understanding their past, utilizing the present, and having a future-focused framework assists them in creating the life that they have envisioned for themselves – their optimal life.  I focus on fostering and building feelings of acceptance and safety, while encouraging clients to make more positive and meaningful changes in their lives.  It is important to me that the client creates a place that is their own, where they can grow and explore themselves in a safe environment.  After all, you, the client, are the expert of yourself, and I am committed to provide you the tools to pave the path to a more fulfilled, meaningful, and balanced life.

I look forward to helping you live more optimally.

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